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Each security alarm is programmed according to your requirements.

Generally speaking, the activities received within the Monitoring Station are:

Once weekly (minimum recommended) self generated test reports from your Control Panel.
Intruder alarm activations.
System alarm activations (i.e., power failures, battery failures, programme changes, code attempts, communication failures etc).
Bypass or Trouble events on detectors failing to seal upon your departure.
Optional Open/Close events (suitable for commercial sites) or alternatively Disarm Cancel (suitable for residential sites).


Medical Alarms
Your market for Medical Alarm monitoring is primarily for the elderly who live alone (or with a frail partner) which provides their family and friends peace of mind for the continuance of their independence.
Medical Alarms consist of two devices, these being:

The Main Unit

The Main Unit plugs into your existing telephone line and is powered by your normal electricity. It also has a battery back-up in the case of a local power failure. The Main Unit is also fitted with an emergency button which is accessible from the front of the Unit and gives an audible sound whenever the the Main Unit or the emergency Pendant is activated

The Pendant/Watch

The wireless Medical Pendant or Watch is a lightweight, water resistant alarm button which can be worn discreetly. The Pendant will work in a normal size house and suburban block. When the user activates the alarm button on the Pendant a signal is sent to the Main Unit which in turn sends a signal to the Monitoring Station staff.


Upon the Monitoring Station staff receiving your emergency signal they will call your home to ensure help is required.
If there is no answer or an emergency situation is ascertained, the staff will then telephone the pre-nominated "contacts". (e.g., family, friends, neighbours or carers) to go to the users address and render assistance.